How to Give

The Donate link below will ask for your email address which must be the same email address the Church has on file.  If you do not have that address, you can go to the middle of the page and sign-in as a one-time guest donation and follow the directions to input your information this one time only.

(Long term you would need to have an email address on file at the Church.  Call the Church office for more information)

If you have an email address registered with the church, then enter that address.

 1. You will be asked to enter a PASSCODE

 2. Click that you do not have one.  A 5 digit number will appear to the right.  Enter that number in the box provided.  You will receive a message that another PASSCODE is being sent to your email address. This is for security purposes.

 3. When you receive that email, enter the PASSCODE provided in the email.  The registration screen will now open.  (THIS IS YOUR PERMANENT PASSCODE.  KEEP IN A SAFE PLACE TO ACCESS IN THE FUTURE)

 4. Follow the directions on the next screens to set up your donation.  Donations can be set up as one-time, weekly, monthly, etc.  You can also change the dollar amount and frequency at any time by going back to the link, entering your email address, and the Passcode provided.

 If you lose your PASSCODE, just click that you “Don’t Remember” and a new one will be provided as before.

Charitable Donations Through IRA

f you are 70 ½ or older, you can fulfill your pledge directly from your Traditional IRA by simply instructing the plan administrator to make the transfer directly to Prince of Peace as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). This is normally done as part of your fulfillment of the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for 2018. The part of your RMD that you have sent to Prince of Peace will not be reported as taxable income. The US News and World Report had a good recent article on how the 2018 tax overhaul makes using your RMD a great option because it allows you to get a tax break for donations and use the higher standard deduction.